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Something Needs Doing

For most people, right now there is a feeling of something they need to be doing. What may seem a little crazy is – many people don’t know EXACTLY what that something is!

It’s like the feeling you have on the way to the airport wracking your brain on what you’ve forgotten… if you’re lucky it’s something you can pick up either after security or on the vacation – on an unlucky day it’s your passport.

If there is a nagging suspicion of something to do or left undone, STOP. Yes, I know STOPPING seems completely counterintuitive if there is something left to do.
Let’s check out Merriam-Webster’s definition of suspicion before we move forward….
1a: the act or an instance of suspecting something wrong without proof or on slight evidence: MISTRUST
1b: a state of mental uneasiness and uncertainty: DOUBT
2: a barely detectable amount: TRACE
The reason I told you to STOP is first you need to answer a few questions:

  1. What is my evidence that something is left undone?
  2. Am I mistrusting myself OR that an action that hasn’t been taken to achieve my goals?
  3. Where is the doubt coming from?

Of course, if your head is spinning like it might on your way to the airport – those questions may not be easy to answer. Talk it over with someone you trust. Figure out what’s going on inside both your brain AND your heart before running around tearing things apart looking for what you suspect you’ve forgotten.

Stop after security…
It may be that it’s something you can take a deep breath, relax and pick up – like sunscreen in the airport convenience shop:

  • A call you intended to make last week – you can make today.
  • A proposal a customer needed that is now late – finish it up and apologize.
  • A to-do left undone – makes it on the priority list rather than the to-do list for today.

Run back home…
Of course, you may discover your passport isn’t in your bag and have to scramble!

  • An order that has been screwed up – needs a team to fix it.
  • A promise broken – you have to repair the trust that has been lost.
  • A skill you’re missing to take the next step in your career – has to be learned.

The key is figuring out where the feeling comes from – what needs to be done – then start doing it.
No there isn’t a magical answer; because everyone’s something is unique – individual – specific to them.
Doing the work, figuring it out, and moving forward!

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