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We help you…
I’d love to learn a little more about you…
We’ve built a collaborative…
That is how three messages began that I received this week. The interesting thing is that I’m pretty confident if you asked them, the people writing the messages believe they were customer/prospect-facing.
As the prospect in this case I’ll tell you I wish there were an actual sentence about me, potential problems I might be trying to solve, and things that would make my life easier.
It’s foolish to say you can help me – before you find out what I’m trying to do.
For me to schedule time for you to learn a little more about me – is all about YOU.
I don’t understand how the word collaborative is being used – when I wasn’t involved.
Switch it around:

  • People who __________, find ___________ helpful.
  • If you’re trying to __________, let’s talk to see how _________ could _________.

Of course, you need to fill in the blanks!

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