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Skill Building

What’s the last thing you read – listened to – watched that was specifically to become a better inside salesperson, manager, or leader?
~ I’ll wait ~
The US Bureau of Labor Statistics has this crazy American Time Use Survey that they have been doing for quite some time. In 2021 it reports that the average amount of time spent on educational activities at 25.8 minutes a day.
This got me thinking, what are inside sales professionals spending their 25.8 minutes a day learning? Specifically, to be better at their craft.
So I asked a few people what they do – regularly:

  • Listen to podcasts
  • Read books
  • Check out articles online
  • LinkedIn Learning platform
  • Training classes
  • Join book discussion groups
  • Free webinars
  • Follow industry publications
  • Talk with other inside salespeople

Although most people said they don’t know that they spend time every day. I wonder what would shift if we all took advantage of 25.8 minutes a day to improve.

I don’t know that it matters what you learn – I do know that step two is you have to DO SOMETHING with it.

In sales (as in most things) consistent Skill Building is the only way to continue your success.

A friend of mine, when someone in training says “I already know this.” responds with “ok, when is the last time you USED it?”

This week – choose a topic, then make sure you do three things:

  1. Learn more about it
  2. DO SOMETHING with what you learn
  3. Repeat every day for the week

Trying to learn more daily,

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