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Making Progress

I’m all for audacious goals! Setting goals and measuring progress – here’s what works.
Once we set a goal, we usually write it down (a good idea), and fix a time to revisit and check our progress (put it on the calendar!). Sometimes we tell other people about the promises we make to ourselves (more on that below).
I also know people who are super organized, can lay out a smart plan, get it going right away, and set up accountability, safety nets and redundancies to make it happen.
Most people aren’t quite that disciplined.
This is what I hear from them: “Since everybody else is looking at their goals and progress right now, I’ll do it, too. I can catch a tailwind off all the enthusiasm and ideas out there right now.”
If you’re saying to yourself, ‘Okay, Lynn, I give up. I’ll do it now,” then let’s do this thing!
Take out your journal and open it to a fresh, blank page (you know how I love a blank piece of paper – oh the possibilities). Find that nice pen you hid so no one can take it.
pssst – yes I mean paper, not an electronic document… if you don’t buy in check out Austin Kleon: Pencil vs Computer.
Take a moment to think about the following questions before writing.

  • What goals did you set at the beginning of 2022?
  • If you had more than one, did you prioritize them or weight them by importance?
  • Were there areas of your goal setting that were easier or harder to achieve?
  • What were your total results?

Now, knowing what you know about 2022 think about what can you do in 2023 to make it easier to reach your goals and support your promises to yourself.

Also, what needs to go on the calendar today so you’ll remember to do it? Consider making it a reoccurring appointment with yourself (and measure your progress) later.

Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t remind you what the experts say about goals:

  1. State our goals to others because, by verbalizing them, we make them real.
  2. Break goals down into manageable pieces.
  3. Use our calendar and our reminders to support our progress.
  4. Build new habits on the back of current, positive habits.
  5. Find an accountability partner someone who is working on their own goals, then support each other.
  6. Measure progress on a schedule.
  7. Adjust expectations, if necessary, while keeping an eye on overall improvement.
  8. Reward ourselves along the way in a significant, memorable, and meaningful way for taking the steps we need to take. 

Are you ready to do #1 on the list?
If you know someone who is struggling with their habits or has set audacious goals for 2023, please share my newsletter!
Cheers to audacious goals and taking the steps to reach them!
Cheering you on,
P.S. If your team needs to do better on goal setting and achievement, I can help. I work with managers and sales teams for both large and small companies. Together we can make the changes that will empower your team for the long run. Click reply and let’s talk!

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