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Now! Daily Resolve

I shared on the blog yesterday that my word for 2023 is Now!
This fits right into my belief that we need to work on Daily Resolve instead of making New Year’s Resolutions.
Every day, make a concerted effort to do SOMETHING that moves us forward toward our goals (or even move away from something we DON’T want/like/enjoy in our lives or careers).
It doesn’t matter if it seems like a little thing. Do something NOW.
Hence the quote from Edmund Burke (British statesman and philosopher from the 18th century) “Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.”
Think of how far we will be able to go if we take 365 little action steps forward over the next year.
I’m here to tell you I am an anti-resolution fanatic!
It isn’t that I don’t like new year’s resolutions… I HATE them. Based on my coaching experiences over the past 10+ years, I now believe that:

New Year’s Resolutions = Permission To Fail

Yup, I’m not kidding. I believe that people have now heard all of the statistics about what percentage of people give up (according to Inside Out Mastery “43% of all people expect to fail before February, and almost one out of four quit within the first week of setting their New Year’s resolution.”) and then use those statistics as excuses to quit themselves.
What I do believe in is well-thought-out goals – you know the dreams you desire enough to create a plan to achieve for yourself. While everyone else is making resolutions – I urge you to create a Daily Resolve Plan for yourself.
Choose moving forward NOW and every day toward your success.
Wishing You a Profitable New Year,

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