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Celebrate and START

Do you take responsibility for the things that happen in your life? I’m going to guess you answered YES.

Now I’ll change the question – do you take responsibility for all the GOOD things that happen in your life? You might not be sure of your answer anymore.


As you continue on your journey to more sales success in 2023 – celebrate all your little successes!

Sure, you should make the reward commensurate with the accomplishment: reaching your target number of contacts could be a pedicure, or an expensive bottle of beer – while achieving a quarterly target might warrant a long weekend adventure.

Make sure you’re patting yourself on the back for the effort you’re putting in and the accomplishments you achieve.


Once you’ve truly acknowledged your greatness – decide what’s next and get started.

It might sound odd that you decide “before” you get started. Sure the decision, in reality, would be the start.

YET everyone has had times when they accomplished something, then kept doing what they were doing… without deciding.

Deciding: what they want to accomplish NEXT.

If you keep doing the activities that achieved your last success – you will not move forward and achieve anything new.

As you move into 2023; Make sure you first CELEBRATE! What you’ve achieved. Then START… working on what you want to achieve next! ~ never do one but not the other ~

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