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Status quo – a contrarian’s view

I will admit, I love the status quo… when it’s me!

Other people will say that the status quo is the enemy, but if I want it to be me – I can’t really hate it.

Granted when it’s not me it’s something that I have to work to change. For me, that is the idea of getting someone to:

  • begin to think differently about something
  • decide that a different way would be beneficial
  • believe the risk of doing nothing is greater than any downside of doing something
  • take action on something little – which is actually BIG as it’s moving from ‘thinking about” to “doing.”

You’ve heard how you can’t achieve something without wanting it and you’ll not get what you avoid. Yet one of the things salespeople are taught is the status quo is evil.

The problem is in fact, we need to LOVE the status quo – to become THEIR status quo.

Instead of hating the status quo, do everything in your power for it to be YOU.

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