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Communication is your responsibility! #pause

Have you ever fallen flat on your conversational back?
The person you were speaking with may have:

  • Given short answers
  • Never been truly engaged
  • Gotten you quickly off the phone

A conversation is an exchange of ideas between people.

That means you have to let them think as well as speak! This means it’s ALL about the pauses you leave, the spaces you give.

When someone first answers the phone their brain, typically, is still on what they were doing BEFORE they answered – give them a moment.

If you’ve asked an insightful question, silence allows your prospect to develop their answer.

A sales conversation is NOT a presentation, don’t make it into a monologue! After asking a question give them an opportunity to answer.

As you draft qualification questions, include pauses to put your conversation puzzle together.

You will sound more: conversational, inquisitive, curious, interested in THEM.

In prospecting pauses;

  • Allow your prospects to share information
  • You sound inquisitive which is key to understanding their business
  • Understanding helps you find sales opportunities

When you’re qualifying deals

  • Trust turns prospects into customers
  • Your curiosity in them and listening to them builds that trust
  • Pauses let them speak and you have the opportunity to listen

When you’re closing

  • Silence will let your prospect talk
  • Talking allows your prospect to share any concerns and their next steps
  • Pauses are the space your prospect needs to say YES

Pausing when you are following up;

  • Shows continued interest in their business
  • Builds credibility and understanding
  • Creates a space to hear the next opportunity

If you aren’t used to putting pauses into your conversation plan they might make YOU, the salesperson, a little uncomfortable with the amount of silence.

Hmmm, perhaps that is why Pauses work; your prospects and customers have silence they will want to fill.

4 KEYS to using pauses

  1. Add pause directions in your sales script: pause, breath, quiet, shhh.
  2. ALWAYS give the prospect space to think and answer after asking a question.
  3. On the phone – the mute button is your friend! Please use it.
  4. Wait a few seconds longer than you’re comfortable with.

Always remember, to move forward in your sales process:
Effective Communication is your responsibility.

Quietly yours,

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