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Routine vs. Unique

routine: of a commonplace or repetitious character: ORDINARY
In sales, if you’re commonplace and ordinary it’s easy to ignore you. Here are three examples:

  1. Hearing or reading about a prospecting message THEN using it without putting your personality into it.
  2. Falling into long-held sales stereotypes without realizing it.
  3. Getting tired or lazy and you stop doing all the things you were willing to do to earn someone’s business.

unique: being without a like or equal / distinctively characteristic / able to be distinguished from all others of its class or type: UNUSUAL
Be the OPPOSITE of ordinary.
Notice weird isn’t one of Merriam-Webster’s choices for the definition of unique (thanks as always to Merriam-Webster for both definitions!). Weird is optional 😊
Remember that unique without value isn’t what we’re talking about. You have to be uniquely valuable.
Uniquely Valuable = Successful
Uniquely Valuable = Profitable
Uniquely Valuable = Impossible to Ignore

Distinctively yours,

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