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7 Reminders: to keeping going

Somedays I wonder (full disclosure… I’m always wondering) about what it takes to keep going as an inside salesperson. If I’m honest with you (and myself) it’s usually on a day I don’t feel like keeping going that I wonder how to do it – which is NOT the best time to be figuring it out.

When it feel precarious to take the your next step, here are my 7 reminders on keeping going & moving forward.

  1. Give yourself permission to make it through a tough day – setting your sights on truly finishing the day… leaving it behind… letting go… moving on.
  2. Do something, one thing. Find something you can take action on RIGHT NOW. Pulling yourself into the present and doing something will help alleviate your feelings. Check out Revisiting Mental Gymnastics for more on that.  
  3. MOVE, yup get up and physically move your body: my experience is to change my mind, I usually have to move my body too. If you can; think of something other than what you’re worried about while walking! Bring someone along and chat.
  4. Ask for help: a colleague, mentor, boss, friend – someone who will help you keep going, inspire you to do something, remind you why you do what you do.
  5. Recapture your passion, that belief in yourself – listen to music that gets your heart pumping & toes tapping, read something inspirational, whatever it takes to remind you of why you actually want to keep going.
  6. Reframe your feeling: when it rains on your parade: you can be sad and disappointed – be glad you wore your raincoat – find joy in the little kids stomping in puddles. It’s still raining; you’ve taken the step to reframing your perspective.
  7. Breathe – simplistic? Perhaps it is, maybe when you’re feeling like you just can’t go on: find that is simple, something you can control, you 100% can control your breathing 🙂 so that’s my last tip. Fill your lungs, hold for a second, the exhale as deeply… don’t forget to repeat.
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