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The Best Time to Make Sales Calls (#video)

Here we are again, another company came out with the best time to call list.
All right, I’m going to give it to you because Call Hippo did the research, and Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are the best days to call prospects and from 4:00 – 5:00 pm and from 11:00 am to noon are the best times to call prospects.

I must tell you, I’m sick of these. Yes, it’s probably true. Generically across all industries, all contact titles, all types of people you’re supposed to be selling to.

The crazy thing is you are only selling to your prospects.

The best time for you to make sales calls is to create a Venn diagram:

  • understand when the people you’re calling answer the phone
    (not when some generic study figures out that everyone might possibly answer the phone in any industry, any job title, any function)
  • when are you at your best

When do people answer the phone and when are you really good at having conversations? 

That’s the Venn diagram of your best time to call people!

Now I’m not telling you not to try Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

That makes sense if you think about it. Monday people come back so they’ve got a lot of meetings and things to do. Friday, a lot of people take off.

But honestly, I have great conversations with prospects on Mondays and Fridays. So, do I never call them again? I don’t know.

I think it’s silly because what’s important is not when some generic study figures out that people answer the phone, it’s when you do.

This means you have to keep track of what time of day you are having conversations with prospects and customers. What time of day are you reaching people with whom you’re trying to build relationships? New ones, existing ones?

Creating something for yourself.

But it takes effort. It takes tracking. It takes time.

And that’s what most of the salespeople and sales organizations that I work with don’t seem willing to do. Track things that are annoying to track to get the best results. So instead, they look at a Call Hippo study that says you must prospect on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. You must call from 4:00 – 5:00 pm. You must call from 11:00 am to noon.

What you must do to be successful as an inside sales organization, as an inside salesperson, is figure out for your company, your prospects, and your customers when the best time to call is and create a Venn diagram that works for you.
All right, I’m getting off my soapbox.

Yes, you should use other people’s data to inform your calling patterns. Try it out. See what works for you.

That’s the deal. It has to work for you.

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