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Steeped in PASSION

Steeped in PASSION

Grit is defined as passion and perseverance for very long-term goals by Dr. Angela Lee Duckworth.
Last week’s Revisiting Mental Gymnastics was about perseverance, so of course this week I figured I should explore the idea of passion.

Passion Is Contagious

Sales is about Relationships
Relationships are about Communication
Communication is about Passion
Ask me about skiing (if you have time) and you will see how contagious passion is!
The first thing that happens is I start to smile while I talk –
Which of course affects my voice tone/pitch/quality/pace –
My body moves as I’m describing what it feels like to ski –
All of the sudden, even if at the beginning you didn’t REALLY want to know anything about skiing and were merely being polite (silly, silly person)…

  • You’re smiling
  • You’re laughing
  • You’re leaning forward
  • You want to hear more

Now we’re in a conversation, to spite your resolve not to be involved.

psst – it works with prospects too!

Most of the time while working with salespeople they will fall into one of two categories:

  1. those who believe with their whole heart it the product/service they are selling.
  2. those who are excited about some aspects of their job, but not in category 1.

Don’t get me wrong – there are also salespeople who don’t believe and aren’t excited… typically, they aren’t coming to me for coaching.

Many category 1 salespeople have already stopped reading (for the most part). It is easy for them to be passionate – they already believe.

Remember my explanation of what happens as I’m talking about skiing? That is where to start.

  1. smile, believe it or not, people can hear that over the phone
  2. use your hands, arms, whole body as you’re speaking – pretend the prospect/customer is in the room with you
  3. listen to yourself when talking with friends; what does your tone/pitch/quality/pace sound like? Make sure you exaggerate it just a little  (very, very little) while you’re on the phone 

Pass along your passion DON’T keep it to yourself.

People in category 2, today, check out what you ARE excited about and use that to fuel your enthusiasm. Make a list of the top 3 things you LOVE, LOVE, LOVE about the product/service you’re selling.

Don’t forget to include the things about YOU that set you apart from everyone else in your organization.  At times that piece is more difficult – so ask your coworkers, family, and friends about when they hear your enthusiasm coming through.

Now exploit it by following those three steps too!

Passion Pushes Us Forward

Have you ever had this kind of view of your job or career?
Where everything is a bit fuzzy and unclear?
A day where the path forward is cloudy?
One of the easiest ways to move forward is to focus on what you are passionate about.
At the beginning of the ski season – everything seems a little fuzzy. My legs are typically NOT in tip-top shape. This means after a few thousand feet of vertical drop in a good stance with knees bent and weight forward – my quads are SCREAMING at me.
Yet, with my adrenalin pumping – I get back on the lift, my passion for speed propelling me to continue.
Plus, the challenge propels me to take at least one lesson each season – to sharpen my skills and correct my bad habits.
It is time to think about what in sales you’re passionate about. Is it the:

  • thrill of getting a cold call to talk with you
  • excitement of the deal
  • lure of commission
  • exhilaration of winning
  • delight of hearing you’ve helped

Whatever it is for you, focus on the passion… relish the feeling you get… it will push you forward to keep having those experiences – even when something in your head is SCREAMING at you to give in/give up.

Don’t get stuck when the path forward is difficult – use your passion to push yourself forward!

Passion is Authentic

People will believe more in you as a person when you share your passion with them.
That enthusiasm draws people toward you – they WANT to do business with you, it is more fun for them PLUS they trust you’ll follow through.
You Can’t Fake Passion!
If you don’t have passion for what you are doing, the product you are selling, or something about the company you work for… start considering:

  • a change in attitude
  • a shift in focus to your passion
  • looking for a new job
  • getting out of sales as your career

When you figure out what you ARE passionate about – you’ll soar above the clouds.

Passion Transference

Passion Transference comes from a crazy talented musician (and kick-ass inside salesperson) I know, Ashley Cox.

We were talking about passion and ended up discussing what to do if you’re just not feeling it.
Which is where the idea of using your enthusiasm for one thing… and transferring the feelings to another thing.
In sales

  • your desire for a steady commission check can give passion to the product set you are selling… when you don’t FEEL passionate about that.
  • a passion for connecting with people can transfer into cold calling… when you look at it as a way to connect with people (because how can you meet them without cold calling?).

Or perhaps taking a passion for skiing… to talk about sales?
With devotion,

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