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YOU are the differentiator!

This week’s Inside Sales Leadership Corner implores you to Share YOUR Unique Talents.

That led to What makes YOU different?

But you still may not have a complete grasp on how very important YOU are.
The bonus round in What makes YOU different? = ask people for three words to describe what working with you is like (aka the value of YOU).

The exercise came to me from my friend and colleague Karin Bellantoni – in fact, she “made me do it” for myself a few years ago. The key is to NOT filter the answers people give you.

Then she had me take all the words and upload them to which is where the above graphic came from (side note, csv was the easiest for me – I downloaded their sample to get the format correct).

YOU are the differentiator!

In a world where people are used to typing in words to a search engine and *poof* finding what they want to buy… from more sources than they can sort through conveniently, YOU are the differentiator!

Sure, you must have a product/service that fills a need and solves a problem. Yet that all becomes blah… blah… blah… because so does everyone else (probably a lot of someone elses). Unless you have a one-of-a-kind offering – truly being the only company in the world – what your company does, does not make you different.

Who YOU are – The value YOU bring – The things that make YOU unique = what is important!

It’s why people buy from YOU.

Celebrate what makes you unique. Figure out the types of clients in your marketplace who need what YOU do – they’ll become your ideal clients. That is how to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Uniquely yours,

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