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For the love of serendipity

for the love of serendipity

(shout out to @realAndyPaul)

I love serendipity, like coming out of the clouds on a chairlift into the bright sunshine of a winter day.

I love serendipity, especially when I’m working!

  • When you find out the new person at a company you are prospecting into, remembers working with you at a different job.
  • Hearing back from someone, because one of their coworkers mentioned working with you in a meeting.
  • A prospect telling you there is “no way a decision will be made before _________” who calls you with an order much earlier.

When is the last time serendipity came into your world?

You know, those pleasant and valuable things that happen even though we’re not looking for them.

Crazy thing – part of recognizing serendipity is based on how we view the world. I’m a big believer in Magic. Which I see as the phenomena of a wonderous result that can’t be explained when you combine inspiration with perspiration & yet happens!

Perhaps that sense of wonder about the world around us is what allows serendipity recognition.

Paying attention to the little connections that aren’t forced, yet the work that is done puts things together for awesome outcomes that much sweeter because of their unexpectedness.

Maybe it’s the universe recognizing that the work we’ve put in, the efforts we’ve made, the connections we create – are the right ones for creating success.

Ok, this may be feeling a little out there! I’ll give you the example that got me smiling today.

I’m working on a training class about business reviews for a client – it still is missing something… but I couldn’t figure out what.

I take a break with my advance copy of Sell without Selling Out by Andy Paul *poof* I figure out what is missing from my class on page 174!

Here’s a simple and effective way to build your value plan. Before interaction with a buyer, answer these three questions:

  1. What value does the buyer need from me now to make progress and move closer to making their choice?
  2. How and why will the value I provide enable the buyer to make progress and move closer to making their choice?
  3. What commitments will the buyer make in exchange for receiving this value?

What was missing? It’s not those specific questions… it’s the idea of having the intention to bring value to every interaction. Ensuring salespeople beginning with the idea of a business review being valuable to the customer was missing from my class.

Serendipitously yours,
ps: before I go, I think there is a lot of valuable stuff in the rest of Andy’s book which comes out on February 22nd, of course, feel free to preorder your copy of Sell without Selling Out today!

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