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What are you thankful for?

Today is Thanksgiving in the United States – which is a time for gratitude. Which is why today I’m asking you to share what you’re thankful for with the people who help make you successful!
Say thank you
This may seem like a ridiculous thing to write, we all know to say thank you, yet every day in business that is not what I witness.
“Lynn, it’s their job.”
Sure, that task/function is their job. Do you like it when your accomplishments are ignored? Your success assumed and taken for granted? NOPE.

  • Thanks for getting that done so quickly
  • I appreciate not having to chase that down
  • You made it easier for me to get the customer what they needed
  • It’s great working together

Write a note
I don’t know about you but there are some days I need an emotional pick me up. I have emails and notes people have sent me over the years that I reread when that happens.

Notes that make me smile, others remind me that I really am good at what I do, notes that change how I’m feeling – in a great way.

Consider writing a note like that for someone you’re grateful to.

Send an unexpected gift
I don’t know about you, but an unexpected gift is almost better than one on a holiday.

It doesn’t matter what you spend. It’s all about what THEY love.

  • A gift card for a cup of coffee, music, or a book
  • I recently received coffee beans with a roast called “big trouble” from a friend. You can imagine what the note said!
  • I sent someone who loves Mountain Dew a 6-pack recently.
  • A gift certificate to a restaurant… they love OR one you think they’ve never tried & may love.
  • Someone shared the best surprise gift they’ve received was 3 hours of kid sitting when they had been feeling overwhelmed.

Recommend someone
Here is a free way to amp up your gratitude level. Think about what you are thankful for about a particular person. NOW:

  1. Write a recommendation for them on LinkedIn so everyone knows how awesome they are.
  2. If they’re inside your organization, tell their boss / if you have a recognition program do the paperwork and nominate them.
  3. If they’re a vendor; think of someone you know who could use their services, introduce them to each other.
  4. Talk the person up when asked about your own success.

There you go – a few ways to share your gratitude and say thank you on this Thanksgiving Day.
With appreciation,

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