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Don’t just GO to training – GET something out of it!

In a conversation for a class I was co-leading for a client, the other instructor and I were talking about the sales training outcomes the client wanted to achieve.

Something typical happened in the conversation – it was difficult for her to articulate those outcomes.
Which got me thinking about salespeople.
Attending training because someone told you to OR because it’s time you can get away with NOT doing something else isn’t going to help you become successful.
Are you able to articulate the outcome you want from sales training?
Here is an easy way to figure it out:

  • KNOWING: perhaps there is a new strategy or technique you haven’t been exposed to and you want to hear it.
  • UNDERSTANDING: or there is something you’ve heard before, but haven’t figured out how it fits into your inside sales world.
  • USING: maybe you understand something, yet haven’t figured out how to implement it into your sales process. 

Training can give you new skills, teach you to do something you didn’t know how to do before, and even give you the steps you need to put it into practice.
After you leave the class you then have to: PRACTICE and IMPLEMENT, which was detailed in last week’s newsletter – What are you going to do with it?
First, you need to pay attention and be sure you leave training KNOWING – UNDERSTANDING – USING something you wouldn’t have been able to do without going to the class.
Of course, if you need to articulate sales training outcomes for your organization (in addition to figuring it out for yourself) another resource is Transferring Learning to Behavior by Donald L Kirkpatrick and James D Kirkpatrick. My copy has lots of tabs and highlighted passages.
You can also click reply and set up a time for us to talk about it.
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