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Spotlight on Sell Different by Lee Salz

You want to be successful, which in sales means you want to WIN. While everyone around you is saying how competition has NEVER been fiercer than it is today.

That is why it’s the perfect time to buy Lee Saltz’s latest book Sell Different! 

(Although my Dad would say “they forgot the Lee again” and it should be Sell Differently. Yes, his name was Wm Lee Hidy and he was an English teacher.)

At the core of #selldifferent is the idea of making every decision-maker feel special, by creating a buying experience that shows them from the beginning you appreciate THEM and their business.

Rocket science? Of course not!

Now I want you to answer these questions:

  1. In EVERY interaction you have with prospects and customers are you FOCUSED on showing them you appreciate them?
  2. Do your clients feel special at the end of every conversation?
  3. At the end of your sales process does a prospect feel like they have a strong relationship with you AND your company?

If the questions are difficult to answer… or if your answers aren’t going to help you win, read the whole first chapter with Lee’s Free Chapter offer.

For me “transfer of passion” was what the entire new book Sell Different by Lee Salz boils down to, transferring your passion for:

  • how you help
  • what you do differently
  • and why working together is key to THEIR success.

I’m amazed at how the stories and content of Sell Different! tie together the connection between your decision-makers feeling special and appreciated WITH you transferring your passion to them.
How to make the transfer of passion happen with your prospects and customers is why you need to read the book.
All my best,
ps: remember to check out the UpYourTeleSales Blog for my in-depth coverage of the book.

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