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Happy Birthday @EiSelling for Sales Leadership

Well, if there was a year that needed emotional intelligence, this past year certainly qualifies HIGH on the list!

On the 1st birthday of EI for Sales Leadership I’d like to give you a few reminders along with the links to my blog posts when I was reading the book for the first time!

Revisiting EI for Sales Success

As I started reading the birthday book – I pulled out my dog-eared well-tabbed copy of her first book: Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success and reread it. Each time I do something strikes me that is important at that moment.

Check out the blog for last year’s. Today it appears I needed to hear “top salespeople also identify what triggers from the prospect may have thrown them off their game. They are highly aware they can’t control the triggers. However, they can control their response.” pg 37

Because the book magically opened to that page, that highlighted (by me) section when I began to compose the newsletter.

EI for Sales Leadership (part 1) It’s Time for a New Sales Leadership Perspective

My favorite part of this section is the idea that you need to decide you really want to be a sales manager… perhaps because I decided I DIDN’T in my own career after I had the job.

Before you take a promotion – or promote someone into a management role if you’re an inside sales leader; have a conversation with them to figure out if it’s a good fit.

EI for Sales Leadership (part 2) is all about creating the right team & hiring the right salespeople.

Perhaps the MOST important lesson I took away from this chapter is to “Getting clear on your non-negotiables requires self-awareness and introspection.” pg 24

Have you identified the things that you will 100% not tolerate in your organization – on your team?

EI for Sales Leadership (part 3) What they don’t teach you at Sales Management School

I’ve always been a fan of mind mapping and used the technique to share my takeaways.

EI for Sales Leadership (part 4)

My top 3 takeaways from Part 4 were:

  1. Emotional Management + Consistency = Trust
  2. Curiosity Coaching: Coaching with Curiosity AND Coaching for Curiosity
  3. “Don’t equate your expertise with your ability to teach” ~ John Wooden

Of course, if you don’t have your own copy yet… NOW is the time!

Still working on my own Emotional Intelligence…

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