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Pick ONE focus in customer conversations!

Last week’s Chip off the Block What are you focused on? talked about focus inside your organization. This week, let’s shift our attention to conversations with prospects and clients.

The UpYourTeleSales definition of a conversation is “an exchange of ideas between two people.

Sometimes, when a prospect answers salespeople are afraid they’ll never get them on the phone again. Because of this fear, salespeople end up pouring out anything and everything they might possibly be able to do / sell / help with / etc…

All that does is get the raised eyebrow of confusion.

  • Be specific.

Share the result your prospects and customers will get FROM THE CONVERSATION… not from buying something. What is the value in having a conversation with you, now?

Will they gain insight? Learn something new? Hear breaking news?

Make sure there is value to THEM in spending time with you – time is a scarce commodity, the conversation has to have more worth than the other things they could be doing with it.

  • Give them a touchstone.

The conversation’s value, will of course be related to the result they’ll get if they work from you… buy from you… become your customer (or repeat customer).

Make sure there is an easily seen tie between today’s conversational result and the result of working with you.

  • Be focused.

Your focus is on the person you’re speaking with; not IM, email, or an alert popping up on your phone.

If you aren’t focused on THEM, you’re not listening. If you aren’t listening there is no exchange of ideas, no conversation.

Don’t go through the motions as you do with your least favorite uncle at a holiday meal.

Make sure you’re listening!

The only way to reach your sales goals is to make sure every single conversation you’re having moves you forward in the process, with that specific person.

Conversationally yours,

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