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You are what you READ

I’m sure you’ve heard or even said “you are what you eat.”
Of course, I had to look up the origin – we have Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin to thank for its popularity. Way back in 1826 it was in his seven-volume book The Physiology of Taste.
Today’s question is:

What are you consuming to keep
your brain active and healthy?

I know I started this off with “you are what you READ” yet in today’s world people consume information, knowledge, best practices, new skills in so many different ways.
Granted, as an avid reader, I don’t get NOT reading… yet I’m sure avid podcast listeners, video content junkies, and serial webinar attendees don’t get how anyone can NOT participate in their passions as well!
What’s on your playlist?

  • If you’re a podcast listener – think about what you’re signed up to be pinged as soon as a new episode is posted.
  • How do you hear / find out about NEW stuff to add to your playlist?

Who’s on your MUST see list?

  • Part 1 is who would you like to see on video / participating in a webinar – that you haven’t seen before?
  • Part 2 is to answer, who do you make time to see EVERY TIME they put someone out into the world?
  • Part 3 is who’s name do you recommend, URLs do you send; when people ask where to go for new stuff to learn… where do you point them?

What’s currently on your desk?

  • Waiting for you to read…
  • In the process of being read…
  • Because you always refer back to it…

Here is what’s on mine:

  • One Year Wiser, 365 Illustrated Meditations by Mike Medaglai is always here.
  • Neil Peart, Illustrated Quotes is a recent edition addition.
  • Atomic Habits by James Clear is one I’m slowly working my way through and incorporating into how I work on my own habits (and probably how I talk about them with you).
  • Brand Bewitchery, by Park Howell in preparation for a Build Your Better Brand Story Sprint I’ll be participating in this month.

 I also would like you to answer:

How do you translate what you
hear – see – read
into sales behaviors and activities?

Because listening – watching – reading is not the END, it’s only the beginning.
Keep learning!
ps: I also believe all of the above makes us more resilient as people. Yet telling sales professionals something will feed your soul, build your energy, and make you feel better seems a little too metaphysical for a UpYourTeleSales newsletter.

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