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STOP making excuses! GET Started.

I had to ask myself a question recently: What is stopping me from getting started?

As soon as I began to think about my answers, I realized they were all excuses.

According to Merriam-Webster:

  • The first definition of Excuse: to make apology for, to try to remove blame from.
  • Where the second definition of Explain: to give the reason for or cause of.

I think often we believe we are explaining (even if only to ourselves) why we aren’t getting started – when if we’re honest (this time ESPECIALLY with ourselves) we are trying to remove any feelings of guilt around what’s going on.

It might just be me… but I’m guessing it’s happened to you as well.

I don’t have a secret to share or magic fairy dust to sprinkle for excuse-making to stop. Oh how I wish I did, think of the possibilities!

Instead, I’ll tell you what has worked for me in the past – one of which I’ll be picking AND doing myself as soon as I’m finished writing this edition of A Chip off the Block.

In the order they came into my head on how to get started:

  1. Take ONE little action instead of thinking about why I’m NOT doing _____.
  2. Share what I want to start with someone else for accountability.
  3. Find someone to DO _______ with.
  4. Schedule at least 5 minutes every day to work on ________.
  5. Read something about _______.
  6. Write something about ______, even if only for myself.
  7. Sign up for a class to learn more about _________.
  8. Map out my next step after that ONE little action.
  9. Reward myself for starting.
  10. Choose what my reward will be for reaching my first milestone.
  11. SMILE and remember why I’m starting in the first place.

Now, stop making excuses and go get started.

I’ll be taking my own advice,

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