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Thinking – just stop doing it

I think I’ve figured it out, all we have to do is stop thinking to make our lives easier.

Don’t you see, if we stopped questioning – stopped trying to get better – stopped thinking; all the pressure would be off and we could just move on with our lives.

Who thought of replacing a guy’s head with a lightbulb? Grrr stop thinking Lynn!

We could be as happy as a clam… wait how happy are clams?  Where did that saying even come from? STOP, that’s thinking.

Although once the temperatures started to rise like our sales goals tend to do, we’d melt under the pressure. Doesn’t heat melt things not pressure? Argh there I go thinking again.

*sigh* well on April Fool’s Day it was a nice thought… to not have to think at all  – just for a moment wasn’t it?

Salespeople are always thinking about:

  • the next question to ask.
  • who their next big customer could… would… needs to be.
  • how to be more effective.

Unfortunately for anyone in a sales leadership position, not thinking isn’t an option either. You need to:

  • analyze past successes and failures.
  • ask questions about today’s deals.
  • look into the future to determine what the next big thing is going to be.

All while working with the people on your team to make sure they are doing the same thing within their own accounts, deals, and career.

Basically, sales leaders think for themselves and making sure everyone on their team is thinking for themselves as well.

That is a lot of thinking (so never mind about the just stop doing it comment)!

Feeling foolish,

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