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I am lucky to know really smart people! When I was speaking with Caroline Tien-Spaulding on creativity, work, and more – she said, “we mystify things in our own heads.” We even talked about how important it is to DEMYSTIFY things.

I’ve been thinking about that idea ever since.

Of course, for me, that also means I need to come up with some ideas for myself on how to demystify!

Here is what I have so far:

  • When I am making something feel BIG and DIFFICULT for myself – I write down one thing that will get me started, then I do it. The demystification is that I don’t have to do it all at once… just one little thing at a time.
  • As an extrovert – if I keep rolling thoughts, problems, etc. over in my own head; many times it becomes the act of self-mystification and ceases to be helpful. Finding someone to talk things through with, helps me demystify what is going on in my head… sometimes it is literally enough to say it out loud and realize I’m being ridiculous.  
  • Brand new ideas, especially ways of thinking that are very different from my habitual way of going about things FEEL mystifying. Demystification is partly an act of curiosity vs. fear, helping me see the ‘different’ as exciting (in a good way).

As I think about this idea; the key (at least for me) is to recognize that I might be making things APPEAR more difficult than they really are… or than they need to be.

Of course, that is only the beginning…

The important thing is to identify where we are mystifying things in our own heads… and having strategies for demystification.

Seeing more clearly,

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