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Reap the rewards

I was sending a note to a client and after I wrote it realized it’s an important message for everyone to remember!

Follow Your Process

This begins by understanding how your customers buy AND then integrating your sales process into the steps they take to purchase.

It also means following your process.

  • Simplistic? Perhaps.
  • Important? Absolutely!

In the course of on any given call… on a particular day… or randomly during the week – you may find yourself looking for shortcuts to take. Believing it will shave time off how long it takes to close a deal, earn a new customer, etc.

Yet – I am here to tell you: THAT ISN’T EFFECTIVE! At least not consistently. Instead, you’ll end up missing out on what is important to the prospect. Not knowing a critical piece of information. Forgetting something absolutely necessary for success.

When your process is effective, it’s also the most efficient way to get the result you’re looking to achieve!

Do the Work

This may appear to be self-evident. Make sure every day you are being consistent in the effort you’re putting in. Effort consistency will bring consistency in results!When you look at your sales, does it look like waves?

I’d suggest result waves come from inconsistent efforts – lots of deals about to close… prospecting activity drops off… then no deals to close… sound familiar?

Be sure you’re putting in the effort every day, every week. Do the work!

Reap the Rewards

Not only will following your process and doing the work get you the results you’re looking for from a sales perspective – it will also allow you to reap the rewards of your success.

This week, make time to review the rewards you will gain by achieving sales results. Are they still rewards you consider going after?

Make sure you know what is important to you about your own success – then you’ll WANT to follow the process and do the work.

All my best,

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