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Sales is all about PERSPECTIVE

On a clear day from Skyward at Whiteface Mountain it feels like you can see forever. I wish my sales vision were always this clear. It gives me perspective.

The Horizon

Looking out at the distant mountains it’s important to realize that height vs. distance is confusing to the eye. The “tallest” looking mountain on the left is Giant at 4627FT (1410M) yet isn’t actually the tallest, a few on the right side are further away and hundreds of feet taller.

In sales, there are times when a goal with a closer timeframe feels much more difficult to achieve.

For me, this is the perfect reminder to look at the actual data vs. believe my mental view of things. Taking the time to check measurements, look at where I am vs. where I am going.

I also take the time to look for patterns I may have missed that will help me get to my goal more quickly – making sure the path I’m taking is the best one.

Over There

Another interesting perspective is the view of the Little Whiteface peak (3676FT) which looks both deceptively close and far away at the same time.

To get there, the quickest way is to go to the very bottom of the mountain and take the gondola up (ok on a weekday like the one pictured where there are obviously no lines of people). There isn’t actually a direct way to get there from where I am on the mountain.

Sales is often like that – where the quickest, most fun, efficient way to get from here to there is NOT a straight line. I have to remind myself that to get where I want to go – charging ahead isn’t typically the best way.

Instead of going the direct route, I need to consider where the BEST one will be. Remembering, at times I will not even be able to see my final destination as I’m making my way there.

Where I Am

Standing on Skyward is always a challenge. The trail is steep, skis facing across the hill – one leg stretched out and the other knee bent to remain upright. Turn just slightly and I’m skiing down vs. standing.

I get a smile on my face just thinking about it. I ski joyfully. On a sunny, groomed weekday on Skyward I ski FAST.

How often can I say I’m joyfully making calls?

That’s another reminder about perspective. If I’m joyfully making calls – I will be more engaging when someone answers (regardless if they know me or not). I’m glad to take moments on Skyward to remember to smile and have fun. I need to do that more in sales as well.

Remember to STOP (at least for a minute)

Without stopping, making sure I’m stable and taking time to catch my breath – no pictures can be taken or perspective gained.

I often say that to speed up, many times in sales we need to slow down. Our goals are steep; momentum helps us UNTIL we forget to ensure it’s taking us where we are trying to go.

Being out of control usually results in crashing hard on skis… and in sales. Take time to regain your perspective.

With gravity dreams,

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