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Reflection & Anticipation

One of the things I love about the turning of the year is taking the time to reflect on what has happened over the past 12-months.

Even if you’re scrambling for every last sale to hit your number, there is an excitement in the air. Finishing something, checking off a box, bringing everything to a close.

Make sure you take the time to pause and ask yourself…

Reflection Questions

  1. What am I most proud of this year?
    1. Why?
  2. What is the biggest mistake or misstep I took?
    1. What is the lesson I learned?
  3. What new skills have I added to my toolbox?
    1. How have I leveraged them for my success?

The other is that when I wake up tomorrow the slate is wiped clean and the possibilities are endless.  Which is exhilarating and a little frightening all at the same time! Here are some forward-looking questions to ask yourself…

Possibility Questions

  1. What do I really want?
    1. Why?
  2. What concerns me about the upcoming year?
    1. What resources do I have to help me overcome ______?
      • Skills:
      • People:
      • Stuff I Know:
  3. What impact will achieving this have on my career?
    1. Now that I’ve explored the impact, do I still want _______?

    One last blank for you to fill in before you go off and begin your new year. It’s a question about belief, about knowing, about confidence:

    Right now, I am capable of ___________.

    Of course, existential speaking, you can ask yourself these questions whenever you want. Making any moment a clean sweeping new start.

    The beginning of a new year always seems like the perfect time to take a deep breath – exhale all the frustrations of the past – inhale possibility, and begin again.

    Joyfully yours,
    ps: sometimes it’s beneficial to have a conversation with someone around these questions instead of staying inside your own head (especially for extroverts). Start your year off being REALLY listened to. I have a special deal going through the end of January if you’re one of those people: two 50-minute sessions for $199, let’s schedule it!

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