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The Lost Art of Lollygagging

Between the stress created by the pandemic (and all its byproducts), the 24-hour news cycle, plus the stupid idea that people need to be available all the time… 7 days a week: it’s no wonder people areB R A I N  F R I E D

Somehow (at least in the USA) we’ve lost the art of lollygagging on the weekends. No shower – still in your pajamas at 3:00pm – a day on the couch. I think I heard you sigh from here…

The crazy thing is that NOT relaxing makes us all; less productive, less creative, and reduces our problem-solving capacity (not to mention our emotional equilibrium).

If you’re looking to be a BETTER, more effective, more successful…

… lollygag this weekend!

Please remember that lollygagging is an art – if you’ve not been practicing, you’ll need a little preparation. Yes REALLY.

No matter what option you choose, get ready.

  • Like to craft, sew, knit? Have supplies on-hand.
  • Musical? Make sure your instrument is in working order, it might even be fun to create a lollygagging playlist.
  • Love to read? Have a brand new book, magazine, comic to savor.
  • Are creative writing or drawing your thing? Get some nice feeling paper and a pen you love ready.

PLUS snacks are essential, comfort food without any fuss (unless of course cooking is your jam -> then choose a recipe and get the ingredients).

One of my tips is to have something comfy, clean, and ready to wear as well (my favorite is silky loungewear and fuzzy socks – what’s yours?).

Option 1 = ALL OUT
I was going to call this ‘all in’ but really, you’re committing to being all OUT. Taking one full day for lollygagging… turning off all of your responsibilities, shutting down, clearing out the mental clutter.

Option 2 = Unplug
Can’t even imagine one day without DOING? How about committing to no electronics for an entire day: no screens of any kind, not even to take pictures (why because most people then cheat while their phone is out). You will be amazed at how your day unfolds.

Option 3 = Lollygagging Break
For those of you REALLY out of lollygagging practice: commit to 2-hours of nothingness. You’ll probably need a plan – take a walk outside, take a nap, savor your lunch, put it all away for TWO WHOLE HOURS!

Here are three resources for you to figure out strategies you can incorporate into your every day and not wait for a weekend opportunity to lollygag:

  1. From Psychology Today: 4 Things to Do When Your Brain Is Tired… and how to keep it from getting that way in the first place.
  2. How to ‘Unfry’ Your Brain from Healthline.
  3. Plus a really long productivity article by doist on ambition & balance, What to Do When Your Brain Is Too Tired to Think Straight, Why you feel mentally exhausted right now and 7 concrete ways to overcome (and work around) it.

Restfully yours,
ps: for one of my views on how society views lollygaggers, check out this Bull Durham clip.

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