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Enthusiasm Quiz

Got a moment for a quiz?

  1. When you wake up most mornings what is your first thought?
    1. SNOOZE
    2. Oh, great…
    3. Let’s get after it!
    4. Gratitude
  2. By 10 a.m. what would you like to do?
    1. Hide under my desk
    2. SNOOZE
    3. Make another call
    4. Tackle a big challenge
  3. As you’re coming back from lunch you’re thinking…
    1. What lunch? I don’t have time for lunch
    2. That was a great work out
    3. SNOOZE
    4. I’m glad I make time for my friends and co-workers during the week
  4. At 3 p.m. you’d like to:
    1. SNOOZE!
    2. Take a chance on the moldy yogurt in the company fridge
    3. Stride around the office, pumping your arms, chanting motivational phrases while co-workers cover their ears, and celebrate getting your second wind
    4. Make sure you have followed through on the promises you made, especially to customers
  5. As you’re getting ready to leave work for the day, you say to yourself;
    1. Well, there’s always tomorrow
    2. Not bad, not bad
    3. What am I doing with my life?
    4. Patience, Self, it’s all part of my master plan
  6. The first time you relax is:
    1. When I lay down at the end of the day
    2. A few times a day I take a break to re-energize
    3. Relax? I don’t need no stinkin’ relaxation!
    4. When I sit down to dinner

There is no RIGHT answer to any of these questions. Instead, now that you have your personal answers, think about this:

Are you happy with your answers?

It may seem like a strange answer key to a quiz, but you are the expert about yourself, and you know the right answers for YOU. As we continue with our theme of enthusiasm, remember, to be enthusiastic you need to have a positive mindset about your everyday life.

Hang in there!
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