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Are you too “busy” to be GREAT?

I’ve had a few experiences lately that have convinced me that many (perhaps most) frontline sales managers & inside sales leaders are B – U – S – Y and they probably don’t even realize it.

B lind
U ntil
S ituations
Y ell

Blind to the fact that if they truly slowed down, it would make them GREAT at what they do.

  • Don’t just answer the phone… actually, STOP what you’re doing, breathe, then answer.
  • Be engaged with the entire picture… instead of ONLY using the microscopic view.
  • Listen, think, ask questions… BEFORE jumping to conclusions.

It is amazing how much gets done if we step outside feelings of overwhelm and slow down!

Until the unintended consequences begin to creep in, it seems that overwhelm has taken people’s skillsets down a notch. Not because they’ve forgotten how to be a GREAT manager and a GREAT leader; rather that they’re no longer bothering to exercise the tools and techniques they have.


It’s. Just. Too. Much. Effort.

Situations become unmanageable… when they’re NOT:

  • understood
  • handled early
  • effectively resolved

That means you need to untie the NOT. Restart the practice of listening to understand, handling things early, and effectively resolving them the first time.

When all three of those things are done instead of NOT done: there is more time freed up because activities are being done well the first time -> instead of coming back around to bite you in the you know where!

Plus, the NOT also is why;
Yelling commences… customers, people on the team, other departments, the boss… the boss’ boss.

Or even worse; people STOP coming to you and instead START finding ways to avoid you. Perhaps even talk about how B – U – S – Y you are, behind your back.

Today, take control back! Stop saying you’re B lind – ntil – ituations –ell. Restart being the best manager and leader you can be.

Remember to breathe,
ps: if you need some resources on Overwhelm & Burnout check out what I’ve written about it in the past.

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