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Don’t (s)mother your team members

“Out of curiosity, what have you tried?”
When your sales team is blocked, telling all may not be the best approach. In my practice, I see sales managers make the automatic assumption that those on their team have not tried various solutions. Therefore, managers tend to jump in too soon with advice.
Asking “Out of curiosity, what have you tried?” allows your team member to share information and think out loud. 

  • Sometimes a solution presents itself in the telling.
  • Sometimes the telling process will set the stage for collaboration between manager and employee. 
  • Sometimes you just want your folks to think things through so you both know specifically what kind of help they are asking for.

These learning moments empower the team to take risks, communicate when there are roadblocks or challenges, and collectively come up with solutions.
It also reminds you as the manager not to [s]mother your people.
I use the phrase “Out of curiosity, what have you tried?” in mastermind groups with my peers, with individual coaching clients, and with large teams of all skill levels. It’s not insulting or confrontational. It merely puts the responsibility for problem-solving back on the person who is most vested in the outcome.
Try it, you’ll like it!
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