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the 5 syllable project

the 5 Syllable Project

I’ve been listening to a series on hope from To The Best Of Our Knowledge. Hope: Where Does It Come From? aired for me Saturday, March 4, 2023 and then Hope: How Do You Make It? on Saturday, March 11, 2023.

my part began when I wrote this Hope Haiku

Not grandiose dreams
but joyful moments spark hope
Your Own Message Here

Now I have a daily practice that I’d like to have you join me in – I’m calling it the 5 Syllable Project. Writing 5 syllables every day that ARE the “your own message here” ending to the haiku!

Not grandiose dreams
but joyful moments spark hope
Fiery Sunsets

  • sun on mountain snow
  • closing a big deal
  • snow falling in March
  • waking before dawn
  • soft goodby kisses
  • a lap cat’s purring
  • sharp edges matter
  • powder day surpise
  • forgiving myself
  • bright sun & soft snow
  • ski day companion
  • giddy to see friends
  • room with sunrise view
  • swings at the beach bar
  • hydro-therapy
  • soft breeze calms the soul
  • arriving back home
  • serendipity
  • an empty inbox
  • blog posts done for March
  • light in the morning
  • skiing in April
  • blue skies & vistas
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