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I’m sorry what?

I’m sure I misheard
Absurd he’s not perturbed
Perhaps a readjustment
Resultant in an adult version of telephone
Immersion on zoom, misheard word
Incursion into shenanigans
A talisman plays verbal badminton
With the topic true
Smirk instead of resting business face
Places questions in other faces
Debase the agenda we’re to embrace
I’ve lost the plot, gone off to race
My brain now lost in outer space
Now he IS perturbed,
Yet I’ve not said a word
His intent completely blurred
All because of a swearword
Never said, yet not unheard

a Skeltonic Verse > named for John Skelton (c 1463-1529) tutor and then court poet to Henry VIII; is a tumbling verse, > very few simple rules: short lines with two or three stresses, irregular rhymes and rhythms (the key lots of rhyme in a short space).

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