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Intuition Haiku

success in knowing
time taken for reflection
mindfulness required

for me intuition is the feeling in my gut, heart, body that works to convince me “some” thing – person – thought – direction is off.

it’s pre-knowing that __________ is not quite right or perhaps not what it first appears to be. sometimes to the point of feeling repelled away form whatever it is.

yet there is also the opposite version of intuition – being inexplicitly drawn toward ‘some” thing. pre-knowing rightness, fit, or belonging.

that is a bell going off inside, a resonance vs. dissonance. feeling of perfect fit.


personally I most often ignore my intuition because of stress – emotional overwhelm – busyness. it doesn’t matter if the intuition is resonance or dissonance without mindfulness, I don’t hear the resonance bell or feel the repel signals. those time are probably when I need it the most.

something to work on = believing that taking the time to feel and be is as important as activity – as important as doing. finding a sense of achievement in mindfulness itself.

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