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a Block & Tackle need to make it easier

Growing up with sailboats I believe the purpose of block & tackle is to make it easier!

Today I want to share that one of the biggest leadership issues I see is that instead of supplying the tools (block & tackle of the inside sales world), managers and leaders BECOME the block and tackle themselves.

If we’re completely transparent I’ve even seen leaders not only be the block & tackle AND the person pulling on the rope to raise the sails.

Instead, be sure the tools you’re supplying your sales team are making their jobs easier!

AND that you’re teaching them how to use them…

All of the sudden hoisting the sail can be done – independently – by the salesperson!

side note: the term “block” comes from the wooden blocks that were originally used on ships to raise heavy sails, and the “tackle” refers to the ropes/rigging running between the blocks.

ps: after writing this someone told me they’d never considered THIS kind of block & tackle, but rather American football when the phrase comes ups

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